About us

Stupor mundi is a sicilian based producer of exclusive luxury micro limited edition eyewear.


tupor mundi eyewear are a celebration of the most opulent materials engineered to create stylish collectible frames and timeless pieces.

Stupor mundi respects our ecosystems for a conscious future, a world of high-tech to aim to zero waste and environmental consciousness possible.


The kingdom of sicily, under frederick ii (“the stupor mundi”) became the most efficiently governed state in europe (idealstaat), with a flourishing courtly culture, a science permeated with oriental influences and with the nascent sicilian poetic school.

These achievements were of considerable importance in particular disciplines of science, culture and art. Excellence and luxury were also achieved in arab-byzantine style jewelery and clothing, made in palermo by the royal jewelers “nobiles officinae” in the 12th century using gold, precious stones, with enamelled details on pure silk and fine velvets.